Yoder YS640 Hardwood Pellet Cooker

If you are searching for a single grill to perform all of your outdoor cooking needs, the YS640 Hardwood pellet cooker from Yoder Smokers is the answer. Traditionally, hardwood pellet fired grills have been excellent at smoking and baking but lacked the focused heat at the grate to be considered a serious direct grill. Yoder Smokers has overcome this challenge with their YS Series of pellet cookers outfitted with their direct grilling package. When fit with this package, the grate temperature on the left side soars past the 650-degree mark and produces those coveted steakhouse quality grill marks, fast cooking times, intense caramelization, color and texture common to cooking over an open fire or gas fired grill.

Yoder YS640 Hardwood Pellet Cookers also offer superb quality and taste when used traditionally as a pellet fired smoker. With second-to-none build craftsmanship, the YS640 Hardwood Pellet Cookers help to produce the flavor that only wood fires can produce, all with the ease of “set it and forget it” operation.

  • Made in America’s heartland
  • Digital control and display
  • Ability to be built into an outdoor kitchen
  • Easily cleaned
  • YS640 has 1074 square inches of cooking surface
  • Second Shelf, Heat Management Plate, Heavy Duty Chrome Cooking Grates & outside Front & End Shelf are all included as standard in Australian model
  • Variable displacement damper creates different heat zones on main cooking grate
  • 150F / 65C – 600F-/ 315C degrees in 5-degree increments
  • 20 pound / 9kg  hopper capacity
  • 10 gauge steel cooking chamber, 14 gauge steel on hopper and cart
  • Fully 240V Converted
  • Australian Safety & Electrical Compliance
  • RCM Compliance


Yoder YS640 Hardwood Pellet BBQ, Smoker & Slow Cooker

YS640 Built injpg


YS640 built into an Outdoor Kitchen


Yoder YS640 Hardwood Pellet BBQ, Smoker & Slow Cooker


Yoder YS640 Hardwood Pellet BBQ, Smoker & Slow Cooker

Yoder YS640 – Control Panel

Yoder YS640 – Auger that feeds the hardwood Pellets into the fire.

Yoder YS640 – Fire Grate & Ignighter

Yoder YS640 – Chrome Racks with Heavy Duty Drip Tray under.

Yoder YS640 – Shown with optional set of 3 Grill Rails ( Set of 6 Grill Rails covers the whole cooking area )

Yoder YS640 – Shown with Top Shelf

Yoder YS640 – Shown with optional Top Shelf

Yoder YS640 – Showing Sliding Baffel for heat management & the economy of Hardwood Pellet usage.

Yoder YS640 – Shown with optional Thermal Jacket for economy of Hardwood Pellet usage in the colder months.

Yoder YS640 – Shown with optional Yoder Custom Cover on

Optional Yoder Temperature Gauge ( Shown in Fahrenheit ) & sold separately as a kit.

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