Yoder Pellet Grill Accessories

YS640 – optional Thermal Cover

Yoder YS480 – optional Grilling Package

Optional set of 3 Grill Rails ( Set of 6 Grill Rails covers the whole cooking area )

6 Grill Rails

Optional set of 6 Grill Rails ( covers the whole cooking area )

Yoder YS480 – Top Shelf ( included in Australian model )

Yoder YS640 – Top Shelf ( included in Australian model )

Yoder YS480 – optional Cover

Yoder YS480 – optional Cover


Optional Yoder Temperature Gauge including stainless steel door fitting ( Shown in Fahrenheit ) & sold separately as a kit.

The below images are of Yoder’s NEW 2 piece HMP (Heat Management Plate);


The HMP is reinforced underneath and has an easy lift out section to enable quick cleaning of the burn grate and direct grilling.



Yoder Smokers, Kansas USA

Yoder Smokers are handcrafted in Kansas USA, the heartland of American Barbecue territory, by highly skilled boilermakers.

They are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy at just any barbecue store. These pits are designed for use commercially, at

the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff.

Ask any owner of a Yoder Smoker why they chose a Yoder pit and you’re likely to hear things like: “It keeps an even temperature”

, “the build quality is second to none” and “It really keeps in the heat”  In other words, people who really know BBQ recognize

the quality workmanship put into every Yoder YS Pellet Grill/ Roaster/ Smoker, and how those “extra details” can make all the

difference in turning out mouth-watering BBQ.

So, if you are looking for a BBQ to last you a lifetime that “just works” with unmatched versatility, then the Yoder YS Pellet is for you.

You will see the difference in build quality compared to any other brand. If you do decide on a Yoder, only when you get it home

and fire it up will you fully understand why Yoder Smokers is top of its class both in America and now in Australia.

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