Yoder Durango 20″ Vertical Offset Smoker

“The Durango” is the Swiss Army Knife of barbecue pits, it will allow you to slow smoke sausage, cheese, fish & jerky in the vertical chamber, barbecue ribs, pork, brisket & chicken in the horizontal chamber and grill steaks, burgers and hot dogs in the firebox all at the same time. From hors d’oeuvres to the main course, a great time is served. The Durango gives new meaning to “getting the party started.”

The Durango 20″ provides up to 2,681 total inches of cooking surface: 342 square inches of direct grilling surface in the firebox, 1,235 (with optional 2nd shelf) square inches of horizontal indirect grilling surface and 1,104 square inches (4 shelves @ 276 square inches each) of slow smoking surface in the vertical chamber.

Quickly achieve 700 degrees for searing steak, 400 degrees for indirect grilling, 200 – 250 degrees for barbecuing or down to 150 degrees for slow smoking and warming. Yes, it’s that versatile. Remove the top rack(s) in the vertical chamber and gain access to the Durango’s hanging bar for hanging your favorite slow smoking foods. As with all Yoder products, the heavy ¼ inch steel construction and efficient air flow management system produce blue ribbon results, with minimal effort.




Cooking Surface 1910 Sq. Inches
Two 49.5cm ” x 48.2cm  Cooking Grates in Main Chamber
Four 47.6cm Dia. Cooking Grates in Vertical Chamber
45.7cm x 48.2cm Cooking Grate in Firebox
48.2cm x 85.1cm  2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf
Overall Length 218.4cm
Overall Height 209.5cm
Overall Depth 87.9cm  (Including Front Shelf)
Weight 363 kgs







The Durango Vertical BBQ Smoker – Convection plate designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the cooking chamber




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