Pork Belly on the #3 La Caja China

We cooked Pork Belly to absolute perfection at “Taste Of Melbourne” held in Albert Park 13-16 November 2015


1 x Pork Belly

1 x Adobo Cuban Rub

1 x Salt

5.5kgs x Heat Beads or charcoal


Start about 2kgs of Heat Beads in a pile & then spread out after about 30 minutes once lit


Allow the Pork Belly to reach room temperature and then sprinkle “Adobo” Cuban Rub on the underneath side.

Place the Pork Belly in skin side down.

After an hour of cooking add 1.5kgs of Heat beads

After another hour add 2kgs more of Heat Beads

Important:  Do not lift the lid at all until 2.5hours of cooking time


After 2.5 hours cooking in total, turn over the Pork Belly

Removed the ash from the ash pan

Scoured the skin of the Pork Belly & replace the Heat Beads

After 15 minutes lift a corner to check the crackling

Keep checking about every 8-10 minutes  & move your Heat Beads around to obtain a more even crackling if necessary


Sprinkle Salt to taste

Amazing “Edge to Edge” crackling is just perfect


The finished result in a total time of 3-3.5hrs of cooking time for the best Pork Belly you will ever taste 🙂

Please email me at david@grillpro.com.au for more information & orders.



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