Hanger Steak coated with Tatonka Dust

Hanger Steak tastes amazing & is widely known as “The Butchers Cut” as the Butchers often keep it for themselves. There are only 2 Hanger steaks per cow & it looks like a smaller version of a pork fillet in size. It can be quite tender & has a very meaty taste &  when coated in Tatonka Dust is taken to a whole new level.

Feast in Unley SA stock Hanger Steaks most of the time

Cut the Hanger Steaks in half & coat with Tatonka Dust. Leave for 5-7 minutes, turn over & repeat process

Tatonka Dust & Steak are a match made in heaven

Preheat Yoder to 450F / 235C and Direct Flame Grill with Heat Management Plate removed & “Direct Grilling Package” inserted

Cook to Rare – Medium Rare only

Rest for around 8 – 10 minutes

Slice & serve as required



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