American Pork Ribs

These ribs are not always easy to get, but when you can get really good ones they taste amazing slow cooked. In SA I get mine from “Feast” at Unley And “The Meat Market” on South Road at Edwardstown & in Melbourne & Sydney I have purchased some pretty good ones from “Costco”.

Rinse the ribs in cool water & pat dry with paper towel.


Using dry paper towel, on the underneath side, pinch a corner & carefully remove the membrane.



This membrane stops the penetration of your rub & is tough to eat once cooked.



Coat with a small amount of yellow Mustard & rub over evenly.



Coat with Rub or seasoning both sides, I like to use the Mad Hunky General Purpose or Low Salt General Purpose Rubs.

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Insert the Heat Management plate & 2 x Chrome Cooking Grates & Top Shelf. Start the Yoder Y Series Pellet Cooker & set temperature to 225F.



I like to use the top shelf & I can easily fit 6 racks of ribs on it. Cook for 3 hours at 225F


After 3 hours, coat in Brown Sugar & Honey & double wrap in alfoil


After a further 2 hours foiled, unwrap & baste for 1 hour ( using either the liquid at the bottom of your alfoil or a good quality BBQ sauce )




Slice & serve.

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