Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño Poppers – Jalapeños halved, stuffed & bacon wrapped

Jalapeño Peppers
225gm of Pork Mince ( or Pork & Veal )
225gm of Philly cream cheese
Finely shredded Colby Cheese
Bacon Strips

Start with nice Jalapeño Peppers. I have found it difficult to find these in the Markets or fruit & Veg stores, but Woolies & Coles have them most of the time.


Slice the Jalapeño Peppers in half.



Core out the centre of the peppers ( saving some seeds ).



Fill with a mixture of Pork Mince, Philly Cream Cheese & finely shredded Colby Cheese. If you want more heat, you can sprinkle some of your saved seeds on top of the mix.



Wrap with Bacon Strips & secure with toothpicks.


Yoder YS640 4

Insert the Heat Management plate & 2 x Chrome Cooking Grates & Top Shelf. Start the Yoder Y Series Pellet Cooker & set temperature to 300F.

Frogmat ABTs

Cook on the top shelf, on a Frogmat if possible.


Cook until the bacon has rendered to your liking.  Peppers will be darker, and all filling melted.

……. and your friends will “love” them

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